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Take in a long, steady breath of fresh mountain air. Smell the earthy damp of the silent forest. Feel the protection of the tall trees and respect the eeriness of their shadows. Notice the gentle humming of the bees from somewhere far above and feel small, again. Watch the wind whip across the surface of the ocean and then stare courageously into its' deep unknown. 

At WILD LEIF, we believe every tiny cell of the human body has a phenomenal intelligence and knows precisely what it needs to thrive. Sometimes this intelligence leads us on an extraordinary journey of discovery, away from all that is familiar to us, to the foreign lands of ancient wisdom and fresh perspective. This, we believe, is the tenacious pursuit for something true. 

WILD LEIF draws on a profoundly authentic experience of this kind. Of the personal journey of Leif Hedstrom, who searched to unearth our natural medicinal heritage for himself, and combine the vital information he gathered with advanced scientific technology, thereby creating potent formulas which have healed him, and many others, from the toxic impact of modern life.
As WILD LEIF now evolves from private apothecary to online market, we will continue to follow Leif's meticulous practises for near-traceless extraction, as we WILD HARVEST the natural ingredients used in our products. We will also continue to rely on the global network of local people in remote places, which Leif established with patience and sensitivity over twenty-five years, to ensure we still respectfully source these ingredients and remain intimately connected to those who originally shared their knowledge and skills with us and helped us first to understand and then to heal.  
At WILD LEIF, we believe we return the human body to the vast emptiness of pristine nature, with every single potent drop of our elixirs and blends, medicines and foods, and that it's a glorious reunion, for which the human body is eternally grateful. 

So come and take a walk with us... and then thank those little cells of yours for bringing you here.

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